Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Tuba

James plays the Tuba! These pictures are actually about a month old now. I just kept forgetting to post.
He picked the instrument himself. He had it narrowed down to French Horn, Trombone or Tuba. This is what he came home with. Mind you he has only come home with it once. It is probably in the worst condition of any school instrument I have ever seen. The other option of buying one doesn't seem smart when we have no idea if he'll continue next year. He needs to learn some notes first. When he plays it Evan yells "oops toot". So get the idea of what it sounds like. So, this spring I will sit there alomg woth his Dadddy, siblings and Momma to cheer on our Tuba player.

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Kelly Glupker said...

Oh.My.Word. I cannot believe how old James looks!