Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God Protected

Last night I awoke around 4:30am to see the neighbors barn on fire. I woke James and he immediately turned into "Officer Wickman" getting a hold of the authorities. Within 30 seconds, the entire barn was consumed. You could hear the whoosh as it went up. This barn is close to our neighbors house and just as close to ours.
I was in constant prayer for safety, and in a state of mind to grab my children and run out of the house if needed. The baby slept through it all. Which was good since the other two needed much comforting. You could put your hand on the back windows and feel the heat from the fire. The big kids were scared! We just kept praying and thanking God for safety. Hannah was very concerned for their chickens....they didn't make it.
Our neighbor, whose barn was on fire, is a fireman (ironic huh?), and there were trucks rolling down our road in a matter of minutes! 6 of them. We live in the "historic" part of town and being that we have wells, no hydrants around here so there were several water trucks.
While the barn was pretty and historic...they and we are so glad it was just a barn and not a house with families.
The pic is LONG after the fireman got to the fire. I obviously wasn't thinking of pics while it was full on burning.

There were and are firetrucks in our yard for hours. Evan has loved watching this morning. Both pics are from our windows, with no zoom. Close huh?
I have always resepcted fireman, I have some dear family that are fireman, but watching them in action gave me a whole new respect for them.

Please pray for our neighbor as his business is landscaping and as far as I can see he only managed to get one mower out, but it looks damaged. That is their livelyhood.


Jenny LaBo said...

So glad no one was hurt Pam! Praise the Lord! I will be praying for your neighbor.
That was freaky close.

The Kampers said...

Oh Pam! I am so glad you woke up and that you and the other family was safe! I hope they have insurance that will help! And so glad Evan slept through it all! How scary!

amber said...

so glad everyone is ok - you and your neighbors!

Kelly Glupker said...

Our neighbor's house across the street (right outside my bedroom window) was on fire in the middle of the night last month. I'm with you - I have so much respect for fireman. It was incredible to watch them in action. Do they know what caused the fire?

Pam said...

Kelly - they are still investigating the fire. James and I think he probably had a space heater in the barn to keep the chickens warm. Who knows. If we find out I'll let you know.
Did Owen get to see the firetrucks? Evan was so enthralled with them!

Kelly Glupker said...

Owen amazingly slept through the whole thing and the firetrucks were gone by morning. But he talks about it with such enthusiasm that you would swear he witnessed it all!