Friday, January 08, 2010

New Years.....New Things

So this new year is bringing some fun to our family. I was at the OB the day before New Years Eve and he asked me if I had any big plans for the upcoming year. I said "yep! I'm having a baby in June". He looked stunned then cracked up. He said he asked that of the last 20 or so patients that week and none of them answered that. :)
That's our biggest "new" thing for our family. The baby. As I start to feel him or her move around I am getting pretty excited about what is to come.
A lot of you have asked how I've been feeling this pregnancy, and the answer is GREAT! With Evan I was sick. Sick. Sick. All day for months. This one? If my belly wasn't growing, I wouldn't feel pregnant at all. Now I know why some people don't mind being pregnant. I didn't understand it with the first.

Another new for us this year is the kids are going to fly for the first time later this month to Florida. They have never been on a plane, and James has only been once so this will be a fun family experience. I have flown many many times and am just doing my best to let them experience it without too much advice :) Also, we are going to Disney as a family for the first time. I'm the only one that has been there, but it has been so long that it will feel new to me too. I'm so excited to see the kids have these experiences. I LOVED traveling as a kid and am loving taking them around our big beautiful country too. We hope to do more in the future.

The last "new" is a prayer request. We really NEED a new home before this baby comes. Please pray with us that we will end up with the home that God wants us to have and raise our family in. This house is cute, and cozy but 960 sq. feet for 6 people is a bit tight. Plus, the hallway where Evan sleeps is too full for another one. :)

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