Friday, February 26, 2010

Crash! said the van...

Well, at 36 years old I got in my first accident. For my first it was a doozie! We're not sure if the van is totaled yet, but I do know the transmission was laying on the ground and one wheel is gone, the rest need to be replaced. The wheels, not just the tire.
Here's the story for your curious minds. :)
I meet my dad halfway when the kids go to visit them without us. I had just dropped them off and was on my way back home for a leisurely day of shopping without kids. I'm so so grateful to God that the kids were not with me and were safe with my dad. They would have been so scared.
In Flint a semi came very close to coming in my lane and threw some slush on my windshield. At that precise moment I hit a pile of slush near the edge of my lane and completely lost control of the van. I tried in that moment to pray and remember all the things I learned in drivers training 21 years ago....mostly I prayed. The van hit the cement median in the far left lane, scraped along there for a bit, almost tipped completely over, came crashing back down and scraped to a halt as I watched the tire go rolling out from under the van.
At least I was at the side of the road right? Wrong, I was on the left side, the one with hardly any space to be over. I called 911 immediately and after 12 rings I heard "your call is important to us, please stay on the line if this is a true emergency". Huh? Then I called my husband and had a complete meltdown. He is so strong. He said the perfect words to me and I was much better. For a little while.
So the nice tow truck guy got me and the van out the road a while later and the van is in the shop for assessment.
Baby started moving immediately and hasn't stopped. I did call the Dr., things are ok.
So now we only have the car that just won't quit. I'm so glad the car I bought 15 years ago still runs like a top. Nobody laugh when you see our family of 5 1/2 in our 2 door Cavalier. :) Please pray as we figure out the car situation. For now, we're a one car family and God knows that so I'm ok with it. We'll survive.


Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Glad to hear you and baby are ok! It must haven been pretty scary..I know I would've been. Take care and we'll help pray for a new car!

Kara said...

Ugh. 12 rings. I hear all sorts of 911 horror stories, I'm so glad you and baby are OK.