Thursday, March 04, 2010


I was recently changing Evan's diaper and noticed the word reste. Huh? Reste? French, I’m sure. Then I read the English interpretation...stay. Stay. A word usually used for dogs or toddlers right? I suddenly felt God talking to me through a package of Huggies. He wanted me to stay still and be happy about it. Staying home, and just hanging out hasn't been my “thing”. I like to get out at least once a day whether to a store, a park, a playdate… you name it. Lately, when I am at home I am conquering the laundry, putting away the endless Legos, cleaning, planning...being a housekeeper. So what do you do when you just “stay”? I had to ask God out loud. My little boy then showed me exactly what God meant. He brought me his special blanket, climbed up on my lap, hugged me and said “snuggle”. I did and I had the time of my life just sitting with my boy giving him his much desired snuggle. He just needed my full attention for a little while. He wanted me to just stay or reste. Several times throughout the day he came to me for some reste time. After the 5th or 6th time he looked up at me and said “Happy Happy Happy”. Me too buddy, me too.
How many times have we denied ourselves the opportunity to “reste” for the sake of busyness or doing tasks that we think need to be done.
Remember to take time for yourself and for your children. Whatever kind of “reste” they may want to do. There’s really nothing wrong with settling in for an episode of Diego. Enjoy it!
Our children are our gifts from God. Something to be enjoyed and treasured among all the training and raising. Reste!


Kelly Glupker said...

Great post and I totally agree!

Jenny LaBo said...

Excellent post Pam! Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life!

The Kampers said...

oh, I needed to hear that today! Thanks!