Monday, February 01, 2010

Disney Part 1

I have no idea how many parts there are to our trip, but this is a start :) Sorry this is going to be a bit long, but remember I keep the blog as a family journal.
As most of you know, rather than give our kids a bunch of toys for Christmas that they didn't need or even really want, we gave them a trip to Disney for 3 days. We took our trip last weekend 1/28-1/31.
I have to preface the start of our trip with my dumb self. On Wednesday, I stepped off the last step weird and messed up my ankle BAD. I could barely get myself off the step to call James. I felt so stupid. Needless to say it hurt! Praise the Lord it was not broke, but they said it's sprained and strained in a way that will take literally months to heal. yippee. I immediately cried because I didn't want our trip ruined. My dear husband just hugged me and said "hey, we'll get a wheelchair, might be fun". So...on Thursday we were off! He actually rented me a scooter. It was very very helpful and nice to not worry about trying to walk in agony. It was a bummer because everyone is always ahead of you, or sitting closer because the wheelchairs are in the back row. I have a great understanding of those that live that life everyday now.

This was the first time any of the kids had ever been on a plane and it was EXCITING! Not just for them, but for us as parents to watch them experience this. Evan squealed each time he a saw a plane. The three of them sat and watched planes come and go for an hour while waiting to board. So cute. I sat with Hannah and James sat with the boys. Hannah was SCARED at take off. She was sweating, pale and we held hands. Poor kid. She did just fine though. After we landed you would have thought she had flown every week the way she talked. So cute. James was pretty quiet the whole ride. I think he was nervous but, not scared. It was a fun adventure for them.


The Kampers said...

Isn't it fun to show your kids new things? I love it! And I just looked at your ticker for the new baby! 21 weeks already! Incredible! Did I miss an ultrasound update? Are you guys going to find out what the baby is? How exciting!

Kara said...

Well, Hannah is way ahead of me- I still haven't flown anywhere! I'm so glad you rented a scooter thing, I kept worrying about you hobbling everywhere.
Yes, when is the ultrasound? :)

Jenny LaBo said...

I am so glad about the scooter too. I kept imagining you limping along trying to suffer through. Way to go James :):) When I flew for the first time Josh had to explain every creak and bump...I was very nervous :) I am so glad you guys had a good time.

Pam said...

I'm so excited for the ultrasound. It's going to be next Thursday - the 11th!!