Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Disney Part 2 - Magic Kingdom

We spent our first full day there at Magic Kingdom. It really does seem like a magical place when you try and see it through the eyes of your children.
We got there before the park opened and were able to watch the Mayor and all the characters open the park. Tinkerbell throws out pixie dust and everyone....EVERYONE seems giddy at the sight of Mickey and Minnie. Hannah was a smile from one ear to the other and even little James was jumping up and down with excitement. I think Evan was hoping that big giant mouse wasn't going to walk over to him.
It was such a fun day!! We (meaning the big kids and James) rode the roller coasters first and then we spend the rest of the day on rides even a pregnant lady and a 1 year old could go on. Evan learned all about 3-D on some rides and it was so cute to watch him try and take the images out from in front of him. The best ride for him was "it's a Small world" He would sit with the big kids and sing! Hannah especially enjoyed the spinning teacups. She giggled and laughed the whole time she was on that ride. (I got ill just watching all that spinning). James LOVED Space Mountain. SO COOL! All the kids enjoyed seeing the different Disney characters walking around. Hannah and James would run up to them and hug them. I think their inner 6 year old came out. :) Evan was scared to death of the giant animals wanting to hug him. When Lilo and Stitch were there, he about climbed up James's leg to get away from him. He's scary when you're so small.
When we planned this trip we knew it wasn't a relaxing vacation for the parents. We knew this trip was for and all about the kids. James and I would often get a bit teary eyed at the joy, fun and excitement that the kids had at the simple things. It was so fun to give them a treat like this.

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Phil Luter said...

I am so proud of the kind of parents you two are to your gang. They don't know how blessed they are. You said this was not really a vacation for the parents, but isn't it more fun to see them having a blast than to do some "adult" thing with them on the side-lines. You two will have your chance to do something on your own and the kids will be just as happy for you as you are for them.