Friday, February 05, 2010

Disney Part ---the last one

We spent a full day at Disney Hollywood Studios. This is a new park since the last time I was there, which was at least 15 years ago. This was more of a "big kid" park. Although Evan seemed to enjoy himself quite well. Hannah was able to watch the High School Musical 3 performance as well as the American Idol Experience. I really liked those too. I have actually watched AI to see if the winner of the show we watched was on. The winner of the day gets a pass to try out on TV.
Little James really really really( I possible could not put enough "really"'s) enjoy the Star Wars Star Tours and Jedi Knight training where he got to see Darth Vader live and in person. What is better than learning the correct way to use a light sabre when you are an 11 year old boy?? Nothing to him. Maybe, just maybe the Indiana Jones experience came close. That kid was in little boy happy land for a good 3 hours!
All of us liked the Toy Story ride there. Toy Story Mania where you were in an arcade and it's all 3-D. Evan even sat by himself on that ride and giggled for the whole 2 minutes. That kid LOVES 3-D.
The last day was only a half day at Epcot. The Seas was the highpoint for my family. The aquariums were too cool. They literally ran from tank to tank to see what was next. Evan liked all the fish and Hannah laughed her tail off on the Nemo ride. She was cracking me up too!!
All in all our trip was super wonderful. I enjoyed every minute with my family and look forward to where our next adventure takes us. Spring break is coming!


Rachael Neal said...

the high school musical pic is so cute. my brother sent me the same one from their trip. did you run into them at all?

Jenny LaBo said...

Is it weird that I am a little jealous of little James ;) He is the coolest!!!!!!!!
So glad you guys had fun

Josh said...

Holy figs!!! I can't even tell you how completely jealous I am that James got to sit on a speeder bike, and do lightsaber training!