Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today Evan and I went up to my parents and my grandma's house for the afternoon.
I love my Grandma so dearly. She has been not only a wonderful grandma to me, but a great friend too. Every time I walk into her house I remember my childhood and all the fun times I had there with my grandparents.
I pray that my kids have that same experience with my parents. I LOVE seeing my parents as grandparents. It's a whole new thing for them and it's fabulous. They glow when they see the kids. I think there is something so special in being able to share your kids with your parents. It's easy to say "we don't do that at our house", but then I quickly remember all the special things we did with my grandparents and just let them have their time.
Evan spent time with his GiGi. He loves her so much and babbles about her and Gramma and Papa all the way home. I truly treasure the times he and all my kids get to spend with her.
I hope someday I can be a grandparent like I know and love.

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Wendy said...

That is a really special photo! Our kids are lucky, they have great, loving grandparents!

Sounds like a nice day.