Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ultrasound Day

I think this is one of the most exciting days of pregnancy, aside from delivery of course. It's the first time you get to a look at the baby that is growing within. I'm always amazed at God's handiwork, so tiny yet so perfect.
The baby seems to be healthy and growing. Doc said baby is VERY active. That fact I know well. I feel it moving all the time! Not sporadic like Evan though, smooth and graceful.
The gender? Yep we found that out too. Doc said to go ahead and buy pink....but keep the receipts. She was 90% sure it is a girl!!!!!! Hannah is beyond excited. I must admidt I am too. I know my Mom is as she pulled a couple cute girly outfits out when we got home. She just knew huh?
What a fun day!!!


Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Yeah, a girl!!! I'm so excited for you, even more reason for us to wait to find out. Everyone I know about 6 people pregnant have had or is having a girl...there's got to be a boy in there somewhere. I would love a boy but a little pink wouldn't hurt around this house. Congrats again!!!!!

Sarah Glupker said...

That is awesome!!!!! SO excited for you and the family. Grateful to hear she's growing healthy and strong.


Betsy said...

Congrats to the Wickmans! We are happy and excited for you!