Friday, March 19, 2010

The Birthday is Over

Here are a few pictures of our evening celebrating Evan.
Blowing out his candles.

Mmmmm Cupcakes!

He asked for a red, yellow, blue I made rainbow cupcakes.

I love this expression. He realized the car Uncle Chris got him played music. Cool stuff!

Papa made him some blocks and a big block box to put them in.

We got him a basketball hoop. He was always trying to play with the big kids and throw it into the garage hoop. This works much better.

Sorry you have to turn your head. Gramma got him sandals. He wanted them on first thing this morning. I think sandals with footie jammies created quite the fashion statement.


Laurie said...

What a FUN day! I LOVE the cupcakes, how did you do that? Food coloring?

Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Happy Birthday Evan! Hope to see you guys soon!

Pam said...

Laurie - I found the recipe on They were easy!

Angie - We'd love to see you!!