Thursday, May 06, 2010

Awana Awards

James and Hannah had their Awana awards last night. It was fun to see them get their certificate and trophy. They both got the "Excellence Award". Which means they completed two Awana books, and memorized over 35 verses. They (and us parents) worked hard this year. It was FUN!!
I didn't grow up with Awana. We had Word of Life Olympians, which I really liked! When we started the kids in Awana I really didn't know what to expect. The "awana kids" I knew as a child were all about learning verses and showing off how many they learned. Now as an adult I really really like the program. What I like most about it is that it doesn't pic and choose verses out of God's Word. Our kids have learned verses that apply to every walk of life. Good and bad. These verses and studies have produced some really good conversations about our God and His characteristics.
I recently had a conversation with James IV who was having "one of those days". After doing what I could as far as comforting him and praying with him he started to tell me verses that he remembered and made him feel better. Thank you Lord for bringing to mind those verses that he hid in his heart. Each year I pray for that result from Awana. Not that they memorized so many verses they earned a skateboard (which he did), but that they memorize verses that are hidden in their heart to help, comfort, guide and protect these kids.

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Kara said...

Look at them! Why does Hannah look so grown up? Is it the bangs?