Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day Late

I usually do this on Mother's Day....the thought is the same today and everyday.

I Love You Mom!

Mom, you are the most loving of all women in my life.
You have shown me how to have that love.
Love Christ.

Mom, you love me unconditionally.
Even when I don’t deserve it.
Because you love Christ

Mom, you have shown me how to be a wife.
How to love and persevere and honor your vows.
Love Christ

Mom, you have taught me how to be a mom.
To teach my kids the greatest lesson of life.
Love Christ

Mom, you love your own mother and treat her so.
You care for her and respect her. I’ve never seen different.
Because you love Christ

Mom, you are a wonderful Gramma/Mammy to 3 awesome kids.
You spoil them all with love and care.
Because you love Christ

Mom,You taught me there is no life apart from God.
He is everything and is the only one that will love me more than a mother.

Thank you for loving Christ.

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