Thursday, May 27, 2010

Band Concert

James had his last band concert of 5th grade. His plan is to continue with the Tuba next year! I'm glad about that. He enjoys it very much. They have improved a lot throughout this year. :) This video is a sampling of their concert. He is the only Tuba if you are looking for him. Those of you that are musically inclined, please remember this is 5th grade band :)


chris k said...

I think they sound pretty good for 5th graders. Keep it up James!
Thinking of you during this crazy heat Pam.

Kara said...

Ooooo! I loved every second! I sure hope my kids want to be in band. Pam, I wish you could've been at Immanuel to hear the Wissmans. Amazing.

Hope you're feeling good. You are way ahead of me and I'm already complaining daily.