Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How We're Doing

Many of you have sweetly asked how the kids are handling all the changes that are happening so soon. A new home and a new baby. Praise the Lord they are doing well. They older two have gone through much worse, more sudden life changes and they are very resilient kids. This is not to say it's a walk in the park, but God is gracious to them.
Evan doesn't really have a clue what is about to happen. I have taken him over to the new house several times just to let him be there and repeatedly talk about this being his new house. He now asks to go there, probably just because I let him run around the empty space and he loves the echo. :)
James IV is really really really excited to move. He has big plans for the woods behind us and next to us. Also big plans for the golf course behind us. He even told me his plans for making new friends. The blessing for him is a kid in his class lives a few houses away so he has a friend already. As for the baby sister coming? He told me, "mom, let's get through the move first". Sure, no problem.
Hannah is happy to have a new bedroom with a bathroom attached. What a girl!! She is probably more nervous than James but when I took her to the house yesterday she couldn't stop giggling and telling me how fun it was going to be to live there. There were kids all over the neighborhood riding bikes and she smiled and waved at all of them. As for the new baby? She is beyond excited! She lays on my belly every night and talks and sings to the baby. She waits patiently to feel her move and squeals when she does. She is ready for her sister to arrive. She loves being a big sister and can't wait to do it again. Both her and James are great at being a big sibling.
I guess that sums up the kids. As I said, they have had a lot worse situations and have come out stronger and better. This should be a much easier transition for sure. Please remember to pray for them as any big change is hard at first.

Many of you have asked about me too. You are all too kind.
I am doing really well. I still feel really good, just a bit helpless. It's hard to watch others do what you really want to be doing. I know it's all worth it...a new home AND a new baby. I am looking forward to both events! Packing is almost done, and unpacking...well....it will happen eventually. No rush right?

Thanks again for all your prayers. Keep them coming!

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