Friday, June 18, 2010

The Story

I know some of you like "birth stories" so, here's Noel's. :)

We had a planned C-section for several reasons, see the post below. So early Monday morning, June 14, we set off for the hospital. Early as in, we left the house at 5:00am! Early! I was scheduled for the first delivery of the day at 7:30am. I didn't sleep well the night before. I was anxious, scared and super excited to see my baby. God gave me the right husband (as if I doubted). He is calm and just prayed with me and calmed me right down. That was until 2 minutes before surgery. He had to wait outside, they had given me the spinal, I got sick on the nurse and anesthesiologist, and cried all over the place. What a mess I was! So, they waited for me to finish puking and then continued. James came in, held my hand and soon my baby girl arrived. As soon as they had her out, I made sure it was a girl and cried again. I'm my fathers daughter, what can I say. I cry a lot. They had a time getting her out. She was curled up by my ribs and they had to push her down. Ugh! That was uncomfortable. After months of wondering what the Lord had planned for us, Noel turned out to be PERFECT. Healthy as can be.
Recovery has been a bit slow. I was very nauseated the whole first day. My blood pressure kept dropping and making me woozy. The Lord helped me through all that and I feel really well now.
Noel is a dream come true. We have a wonderful baby girl and she is sweet as can be. Looks just like her big brother and is strong and cuddly at the same time. She is a great eater. Took to it right away. :) Yay! I was really worried because I had such a hard time with Evan. She has no problem latching and eats and eats. I hope soon she turns into a chubby little baby. I love chubby babies.
Thanks again for praying! We love you all and have felt and known you prayed for us all along. God is Good. All the time.

My cousin Nicole knit this for Noel. Isn't it beautiful? Thank you Nicole, your note is in the mail. :)


The Kampers said...

ooo, I am one of those that want to know the birth stories! Thanks for sharing. So glad she is so perfect!

Kelly Glupker said...

I am one of those who likes birth stories, so thanks for sharing! What an answer to prayer that Noel is perfectly healthy. She's beautiful, Pam. Congratulations to all of you!

Amy said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. I'm so glad to hear she is healthy. What a blessing!

Kara said...

Count me in- I love every detail! I'm so thankful that she is healthy and eating good.