Saturday, June 19, 2010

This week in pictures

Ready for baby to come!

Noel's first minute of life outside the womb. I'm glad James took a picture I was too teary eyed to see anything.

Big sister Hannah was quick to snuggle her, and will at any minute take her and hold her for an hour.

I melted just seeing my whole family together.

Biggest brother thinks she's pretty sweet too. He's ready for her to grow and play already. I can wait.

Papa loves his new girl!

My family - it's complete. Our quiver is FULL.

Noel content in her Daddy's arms. In fact, she has been there all morning. I sense another "Daddy's girl" in the future. I love it!

All 4 kids!

Gramma sure loves to snuggle her "little petunia" Noel.

Gramma did some baking with Evan. THAT was an adventure for her :) I'll post a video later. They're pretty funny together.

Playing outside on a hot day....Papa stayed out there with them to watch Evan for HOURS. What a great Grandpa he is.


The Kampers said...

Oh Pam! You look fantastic! And what a sweet family! And what a GREAT kitchen! Enjoy all the snuggle time!

Kara said...

Yeah, Liz and I would like to come and play in your kitchen- WOW! Love the island, adds SOOO much room for baking and stuff.

Every pic makes me oooooh and ahhhhhh... can't wait to meet Noel!

Jenny LaBo said...

The picture of you gazing at your family makes me teary eyed! I love it. Noel is a cutie pie! I can hardly wait to hold her!

Amy said...

I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful family.