Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why I Love This Man

I love my man! Yes, after nearly 5 whole years of marriage I love him even more! I know 5 years isn't that long compared to a lot of you, but I also know many of you that after 5 years weren't so happy with your man anymore. I am. Is he perfect? Not even close. Perfect for me? You betcha!! Why? Well, I haven't had a list blog in a here's my list.

- He loves me unconditionally. Always. Even when I'm a complete screw up, he doesn't make me feel like one.
- He supports me as a mother. When I make a kid decision, he backs me up. We may have to discuss it later, but the kids never know that we didn't see eye to eye.
- He plays with the kids. Everyday. Even on days like today where he's only home for 20 minutes because of meetings, he will get down and wrestle with the kids, and snuggle the baby even when I know he just wants to sit and read the paper.
- He ALWAYS kisses me goodnight. I go to bed hours before him, but he always comes in when I go to bed and snuggles and kisses me. Which sometimes means missing a bit of the Tigers game.
- He is SOOOO good with numbers/money. I'm not. I'm grateful to God everyday that he gave me a man that will gently and lovingly guide our family monetarily with wisdom.
- He always spends at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted time with me each evening just to talk and hear about my day. It may not seem like a lot, but when you have 4 kids...10 minutes is GOLD.

My list really could go on and on and on. I will stop now and save some for a future post.

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Phil Luter said...

We think he is pretty special too.