Friday, October 01, 2010

James IV

I've decided to take the next 4 days and tell you about the Wickman kids. They are all so unique and wonderful, they deserve their own post.

James IV. Yes, the fourth. He's very proud to be the fourth too. If someone doesn't say it right, or calls him junior, he is very quick to correct them. He likes being the son of his daddy.
James is now 11, almost 12. He is teetering between childhood and man. Some days I see him more towards the life of a child and I smile and enjoy that sweet innocence. Other days I catch a glimpse of him as a man and I cringe and smile. They do grow up, and he is growing quickly. He will be a wonderful grown up.
James is our sensitive guy. When I say that, I don't mean he's a weeper. I mean he senses things. He knows when something is up. He feels tension in the air. he's the first person to know when you are trying to pull something over on him. He will try to mask it, but his sensitivity will bring it out at a later time.
James loves all things math and science. He loves the precise nature of math, and the wonder of science. He wants to be a design engineer and I am fully confident that if that's what he wants to do, he will. The Lord gave him lots of intelligence and he knows it comes from God and wants to use it for His glory. Already, at 11. What a kid!
He can be the silliest kid! He loves to play pranks on his sister and dad, and oh the jokes he tells...his Pappy would be proud of how cheesy they are! He loves to laugh at anything that is slapstick humor. The more fake punches and falls the better.
To leave out his love of Star Wars would truly be leaving a part of James out. He LOVES it! He reads book after book about it. This past week he read a nonfiction about the creating of the all the vehicles and ships in the movies. Oh man, we all now know so much about them all.
He is so loving. I enjoy seeing him love on his sisters and brother. Although I am his stepmother, he has never treated me with anything but complete love and respect. He will still snuggle with me on the couch and likes to hang out with me. He told me :).
We love James so much! He is a super great guy with lots to offer this old world. The best is his desire to see everyone love God. I asked him this week what the best part of his summer was and he said "that my stepbrother will go to heaven now, he gave his life to Christ". Ah, that tenderness. I pray he will grow in his love for God everyday and become all that God has planned for Him.

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Kara said...

I love that you are writing about each kid! I just read Hanna's, too. What great kids.