Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 Months

Noel Marie is 4 months today. Whew! Those 4 months sure went fast. It seems as though she really was just born days ago, not months.
Noel, pronounce just like the Christmas Noel. Some folks have taken to calling her Noel, pronounced like Joel. No. It's not that at all. Thanks. If only I could get the Dr's office to understand it drives me crazy when they call her that. It's not like a female called Noel is really that uncommon.
I digress.
Noel is still our happy little cutie girl. She is very quick to respond to familiar things with a smile and possibly a laugh. Some have gotten it out of her fairly easily. She is really ticklish! I can hardly give her a bath or change her clothes without her cracking up, then I crack up.
This months I think she is going to start rice cereal. This is when Evan did and he did just fine...she needs to. Really, she does. She LOVES to eat! I can't keep up with her.
We love our little Noel Marie. She is such a wonderful part of our family.


Kara said...

I love her!!! Her hair is really coming in, all cute and fuzzy in that last pic!

AND we have the same polka-dot outfit! It's a 9 mo. size, but I'll have to post a pic of Bethany when she fits in it.

Pam said...

Kara - I love her hair! It never lays down...kind of reminds me of Adam's hair when he was this little.
Our out fit is only a 6 month...still a bit big but I love it!