Saturday, October 02, 2010


Hannah is totally 10 years old. She is a great girl that loves to have fun in life. I was at a football game where she was cheering today and someone said to me that she is always smiling. Yep, that's Hannah!
Hannah is our sweetie. She loves her little siblings and really likes that they love her too. I call her the Pied Piper of toddlers. Where ever we go she seems to attract little ones. She will be a great babysitter and someday a wonderful mother.
She is so so so so organized. I can honestly say that I have never had to tell Hannah to clean up her messy room. It is always spotless. She even gets the urge to organize other rooms of the house too! I feel very lucky when she does, because she is good at it.
Hannah is also very intelligent. Really, they all are. She remembers everything!! She is the kid that the teacher needs to give extra work to just to keep her busy. She is also the kid the teacher needs to have sit by herself because she is a bit, ahem, social.
She loves God like she loves her family. Unconditionally. That is an amazing quality! She is so tender and sweet in her prayers. We keep a family prayer journal and she faithfully prays for each request each week. She is a prayer warrior! I pray she keeps that strong faith knowing that God is there hearing her every word uttered to Him.
I just love this girl! Although I did not give birth to her, she is my first daughter. She melted me today saying she was really glad to have me. She just wanted to hang out with me, hug me and just be together. I know those times are coming to an end....I cherish them now.
Hannah wants to be an artist. Bad. She wants to go to art school in Paris. Bad. You know, I think she just might. She has such a love for art and she can and has done almost every thing she puts her mind to.

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