Monday, October 04, 2010


Noel is the newest and last addition to the Wickman family. Our family is now complete. She is a wonderful baby. So content and happy. If she knows your voice, she doesn't even have to see you to light up in a big beautiful smile. She is an absolute sweetie.
Noel is only 3 months old so there is not a ton to write that isn't about her schedule. She sleeps all night from 10:00-7:00. It's truly wonderful! Sometimes she is up earlier, but then goes right back to sleep. It's not often though.
Noel is LOVED. She is fought over by her siblings and sometimes by her siblings friends wanting to hold her too.
She is sometimes really snuggly and other times, she wants to be away from you and see you. She is one nosey girl! She keeps an eye on what's going on whenever she can.
She's a great eater, which you can tell just by the rolls on her thighs. She is nursing and this has a new experience for me since I tried with Evan for months with no success. It's been good and it's also been challenging for me to realize that it's a really big sacrifice to nurse. Oh but those deep blue eyes staring up at me with nothing but complete love for her mommy, oh, it just melts my heart every time.
So there is out Noel. I look forward to getting to know her better as her little personality develops.


Phil Luter said...

I keep reading these posts and thanking God for answered prayer. I can't explain how much I love these kids and want the best for them. They aready have the best parents.

Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

I had to look twice at that first photo, I was on my I touch so it was very small, I thought it was Levi, then I realized you wouldn't have his picture. They look so much alike in some photos...she is adorable!