Sunday, October 03, 2010


Evan the entertainer. That's what he's called most of the time. Sometimes he get the name Captain Destructo. He is always doing something to make us laugh. OR taking something apart just to see what's inside, or how it works.
Evan is 2 1/2 and is at the most fun age so far. He is just so curious about everything he comes in contact with. He not only wants to see what things are, he wants to taste them, smell them and ask at least 10 times what they do. He even is curious about me. Apparently since he asks me at least every 4 minutes "mommy? whatcha doing?" No exaggeration! Makes my husband laugh but can get a bit tiresome all day long.
He is such a sweet boy. He is still my snuggler. He likes to get up in the morning, even before breakfast and sit and snuggle with a book on my lap. Who am I kidding, one is not enough. That kid loves books! We read 3-4 then it's time to eat. Books, he is into the longer books now so they take longer, but he sits and listens to the whole thing! His favorite right now? The Pokey Little Puppy. Good book :)
Evan adores his family! When he sees you, even if it's just been an hour or so he yells your name like it's been months. He is especially fond of Gramma and Papa. They are his favorite people that live outside this house. Uncle Chris is really close up there too. He talks about them all the time. We talked on Skype to Papa and Gramma tonight and Evan was still talking about it at bedtime. I'm glad for their special relationship.
He is my stubborn boy that needs to get things done right. If it's just not working out for him, you know. He is quick to follow that with a kiss and hug.
I know I said this in every post, but he is SO smart! I mean it, all the kids are! Evan figures things out quickly and remembers them. Just ask him to look at a map of the USA. He can find Michigan, Texas, California, Alaska and Hawaii. I know it's only 5 states, but he's two. I'm impressed.
Evan is special to me. In a way probably none of the other kids will be. That doesn't mean I love him more, his birth was just a big moment in my life. You see when I was 31 and not married I seriously thought I would never have babies. That's all I ever wanted in life, to be married and have a baby. Evan is from God. God answered that deep desire within me with Evan.
So, there's Evan. Our goofy, loving, sweet, silly son.

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