Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Each Year I write a list about what I am thankful for. I think it's a good reminder to me of just how much God blesses day after day. So here is my list for 2010.

1. My husband - he is my love. I have watching him grow in so many many ways this past year. Most of all spiritually. I feel so safe knowing that he is striving for the best from God is all his decisions.
2. My children - they are my other love. We added one more to the Wickman group this year! All my kiddos are special, loving, tender and my gifts from God. The older ones have had totally different challenges this past year as they age and understand more. I'm thankful for God's grace in their lives. My younger ones have taught ME so much along their growing way. They are energetic and stubborn. Both of them....and I love them all!
3. My parents - aside from my husband, they are my best friends. I can confide in them and dream with them and they never love me any different. They are the best grandparents ever and I have loved watching them take on the new role with gusto. Seriously, I think they were made to be grandparents.
4. Our church - We have a great, awesome, wonderful church. We heard God's Word preached week after week and are stretched to grow in our relationship with God. We have found many new friendships that are so fun! Sure, we'd like to visit old places more but know God has us right where he wants us.

I probably could add more but I have a crying baby and a hungry toddler that I'm thankful for.....but need to attend to.

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