Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Months Old

Noel is now 5 months old. Those were a VERY fast and busy 5 months!
In the last month she has changed so much, at least to me. She now interacts verbally with us. Giggles and coos, or squawks when Evan is up in her face. He loves to play with her and make her laugh. I often find her covered in stuffed animals, surrounded by matchbox cars. Not too much longer and I'm sure she'll be a better playmate.
She can almost sit up. She sits for a couple minutes then just falls over. She can almost roll over. I think she can roll over, but Evan is always "helping" her.
She tried some cereal. Hates it. Tried bananas. Hates it. Tried oatmeal and banana. Hates it. You get the pattern.
Hannah likes to lug her around and just be with her. She often will take her up to her and let her play on her bed while she just hangs out in her room.
James IV can make her smile like nobody else and he knows it. He goes right to her as soon as he gets home from school and she jumps and squeals at him. So cute.
We sure love our little cutie girl!

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Kara said...

Oh Pam. She looks so healthy and beautiful. My kids usually don't eat "food" until 6 mo.