Friday, November 05, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

I want to remember things about my kids. Things they do on an everyday basis. Not just the big things. So here is my random list of things my kiddos do that I really want to remember 20 years from now.

- I love the way the two big kids rush through Sunday lunch just so they can get into sweatpants, snuggle up with a blanket on the couch and read the Sunday funny paper. They read and reread each one.

- Although there are times it is annoying right now, the way Evan asks me nearly every 5 minutes "whatcha' doing Mommy?" If I ask him the same question he says "don't say that, I say that".

- Noel has a different smile for every member of our family. She squeals and laughs with Hannah, She gives James IV the BIGGEST smiles, almost like she is flirting with him. Evan is her entertainment. She looks for him everywhere and laughs when she finds him.

- How James IV likes to pull up a kitchen stool and chat away while I make dinner. He knows I'm making dinner but also knows he has my ear. We have some really fun chats then. I know more about Star Wars than I ever thought I would.

- How Hannah will squeeze her way between James and I on the couch so she can be close to her daddy and maybe get a back scratch out of me.

- Evan peeks when we pray. So do I. He peeks at me and gives the sweetest smiles during prayer. Makes me want to pick him right up and smooch him.

- Evan sings all the time. I mean, all the time. He sings his sentences, sings real songs, made up words...he just sings. He even sings in tune! If you mess up a song by singing the wrong notes or words he quickly says "no, that's not how you sing it.". My music man.

- Noel will kick and wiggle and smile the moment she knows her Daddy is near. She is all smiles for him! They already have a special daddy/daughter bond.

My list could go on and on...I'll just post other ones at a later time.

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Kara said...

"Don't say that, I say that"
That is SO funny. Rachel was never really funny, but then the boys came along... oh my.