Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

These are the top TEN events for the Wickman family in 2010

10. We went to Disney in January. Kids first time there and first time on on a plane. It was a blast!

9. I (Pam) got in my first accident in February. Totaled the van. God protected me and unborn babe, Noel. We then were blessed to find a van that we could pay cash for AND it was in perfect condition.

8. James IV turned 12, Hannah turned 10 and Evan turned 2. Time sure does fly!

7. Husband James had a rough beginning to his year at work. Some seemingly impossible things to hurdle. God's hand was shown clearly and work is GREAT for him now. Praise God for the job he has, especially in Michigan right now.

6. James and I were able to see God's leading and take on some different challenges at church. I love our new church family and love that God is using us there with this church family.

5. Uncle Chris got a new job! PLUS he headed back to school for his Masters Degree. Yes, I know he isn't a Wickman, but we are REALLY REALLY proud of him!

4. James played soccer and Hannah was a cheerleader. They both loved the sports they played and look forward to playing the same ones again next year. We'll see. Kids have a way of changing their minds. :)

3. We moved!! Yes, we're still in the same town. Really long story short....God provided a home for us that all 4 kids have their own bedrooms at a price that can't be beat by people that God put directly in our lives to be a blessing. I pray someday I can bless them back.

2. Noel Marie was born on June 14 and has changed our family forever! It feels like she has always been with us. We are bigger this year than last and LOVE it!

1. God has blessed. There have been some very trying times, uncertain times, wonderful times and exciting times. Through all of them God's hand has been on us and we have been loved by the most high God. The best possible thing to happen to our family at ANY time!

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GD Terra said...

Congratulations! Beautiful Blog.

My name is Selma and I live in Brazil. Your blog was the next blog after my ... So I'm visiting you now.

You went to Disney. God grant that one day I can go too. Beautiful family.

Happy 2011.


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