Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I want my kids to remember

A family of 6. Yep, we have a "big" family. We like it that way. As we go through our days I find myself saying "not right now" a lot. As in, way too much. Today during nap time I was struck with the thought of what I want my kids to remember. Do I want them to remember the house was clean? How much money we spent on toys we didn't play with? No. I want them to remember that I and their Dad loved them very much and want to be with them whenever we can. I want them to remember we told them over and over about how much God loves them just as they are and sent His son just for them to have eternal life. So, I crossed a whole bunch of stuff off my list and decided this afternoon was for snuggling, playing puzzles and tonight I will play Battleship, do nails and enjoy every single minute of it. It will be gone so fast. I started a small panic last night when I mentioned in less than 7 years James will be in college. Eeek....that's soon! We need to savor the moments with these Wickman kids. I know, because they tell us often, their favorite "thing" in the world is not a thing. It's to hang out with us. I need to give them their favorite thing even when it means things that seem important at the time go by the wayside.
I want to savor moments like this. Evan plays with Noel every day and cracks her up.

And this....does it get any sweeter than snuggling a sleeping baby?

And this....all the kids piling in the big chair at Cabela's, just because we can. :)


amber said...

So sweet! I love seeing siblings love each other!

Phil Luter said...

I have never heard anyone say, "I wish I had spent less time with the kids." -- But plenty regret that they put off that time for "more important stuff." We still love spending time with our kids (and grandkids). They are our best friends.

Jenny LaBo said...