Friday, March 11, 2011


That's our word for Evan speak. He has been so funny lately I had to write some of this down.

After a Skype visit with Grandma and Papa - Papa had changed the screen crazy colors.
E - "Papa was funny in birthday colors, but I like Gramma "Gramma colored".

E - "Can I have a clarinet?" Huh? "I went potty I get a clarinet" (Raisinet)

E - ♫Moo Moo Skip and Moo, Moo Moo Skip and Moo, Skip and Moo. Be a Darling.♫

E - "Mommy? Where does potty come from? Target?

E - ♫Stand up and shout if love my Jesus, Stand up and shout if you are bored....♫
(not exactly the way I taught it)

Looking at a children's atlas.
E - "what's that?" North America "what's that? Europe "Syrup? I Yike syrup! I think I need a waffle!"

Evan is becoming known for just shouting out random words at random times. As in sitting and eating lunch Sunday he yelled "APPLE PIE!". No reason. Sometimes it's FLAMINGO! or BASKETBALL! He does make us laugh and I know that's his goal by the silly giggle and grin after. :)
I love that kid.

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