Monday, March 21, 2011

Evan is 3!

My little boy turned 3 on Friday. I just can't believe it. I'm not going to dwell on that because well, I'll just cry. His birth changed my life so much! He's my gift from God...I never thought I'd give birth to a baby and now he's 3. Sigh. I digress.
Evan kicked off his birthday with a "party" with his friends. Well, I planned it as a playdate, which means Mommy's come too and I get to enjoy adults for a few hours. His friends suprised us and they brought him some pretty nice presents! We enjoyed our cupcakes and time together. He is still talking about his party. Probably since I still have the decorations up.
The next day we went to Grandma and Papa Luter's for the rest of the weekend. He was spoiled rotten with presents (just like all the other grandkids.) We had cake and ice cream and he got his balloon from Papa and Grandma just like he asked :) Of course!
Some of the things I want to remember about him right now. He's a smarty! He knows his ABC's and what the letters sound like, his colors, his shapes - even the weird ones like rhombus- he can sing lots of songs but his favorite remains 5 little Monkeys and Jesus Loves Me. Instead of saying "I am" to anything he says "Am Are". I smile every time. He is almost, mostly, potty trained. Ahhhh a relief to this mommy! He loves games. LOVES games! Candyland is his favorite but I have played the Ladybug Game 3 times today.
Here are a few pictures of his weekend. He wanted a FISHY birthday so, cupcakes cake and decorations are fish. We tried and he enjoyed. It was wonderful.


Liz K said...

what fun! Happy Birthday Evan! Love the cake!

Brooke said...

The cake is soo cute sounds like he had a wonderful birthday!! :D