Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!

My husband James celebrated his birthday this past Tuesday...I'm just a little bit behind in blogging.
(yes, I call him "husband". It really is easier with two James' in the house)
We had a wonderful time with our family. We had a yummy, simple meal prepared by me, Chris and the big kids. Burgers on the grill, fries, corn and peanut butter cake. YUM!
I love that my husband is such a good daddy. The kids always make him cards and he receives them as if he won the lottery. Keeps them forever in a special place. He glowed about them even after we got home.
Happy Birthday to my awesome, sweet, wonderful, handsome, perfect for me husband.


Phil Luter said...

We certainly appreciate him too. He has given us some great grandkids and we are proud of the discipline that he has taught them. We prayed many years for a godly man to marry our little girl - prayer answered "Yes."

Working Mom said...

It is so awesome to find women out there (the ether, so to speak) that really love their husbands! We're a really 'neat' group.
Happy Birthday James.