Monday, May 09, 2011

Reflections on Mother's Day 2011

I came to a point in my life 10 years ago where I thought I'd just never be a mother. I accepted it. Now today - I am mothering 4 kids. Four. That's a big number. From zero to four. I praise and thank God daily for the honor of being a mom.
When my husband chose me to be his wife, I was humbled. After all he had two children that he cared for daily, and they would become my responsibility too. I now see what a privilege it is that he chose me to help raise them. I truly truly love them like they are my own children. I hope they know that.
James is a sweet 12 year old on the cusp of manhood. He is so loving, tender and LOVES outdoors. He is the best big brother to his siblings! I treasure his tenderness towards me. Hannah is my "sweets". She is my snuggler. Still at 10 years old not a night goes by that when we are together she wants to snuggle. I'm going to be really sad when and if that ends.
Then 3 years ago I had Evan. A dream I thought I had given up came true! I was a mommy. He is my "God heard me" baby. God heard my cries in my young age to have a baby and answered in HIS time. I'm so thankful! His name means "God is Gracious". He was and is.
Next came Noel. He name means "anticipated arrival". She sure was! I love her being my little mini-me. I look forward to her growing and us getting to watch her.
All 4 of my gifts from God are special and unique.

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