Sunday, May 15, 2011

11 Months Old

Our sweet baby girl Noel is 11 months old. Already. I'm just going to bullet point all the fun stuff about her right now.
  • She is one feisty girl! She is into absolutely everything and if she can't get into it, she squawks. Loudly.
  • She crawls. Fast. Everywhere. Her favorite places to crawl to is under chairs, tables, and in the cupboards.
  • She says "mumma"(Mommy), "da da" (Daddy) "na na" Hannah, Ma Ma (Grandma), Pa Pa (Grandpa) and "no no no" with a head shake. She hears that last one a lot.
  • She is drinking out of a sippy cup some of the time. Loves to eat food. Real food, none of the pureed baby food stuff.
  • She stands. Hasn't quite gotten the hang of putting one foot in front of the other. She stands by herself, but doesn't know she is.
  • She is finally getting tooth!! It's making her miserable, and me too sometimes. It's a shy tooth. Doesn't want to come out too fast and it's nearly invisible to the naked eye.
  • She gives kisses, when she wants to.
She is my little cutie girl and I love her so much!! What would life be without her?

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