Friday, June 03, 2011

Barakel, Camping and Dr. John Barnett

Those words sum up my Memorial Day weekend.
We as a family go to Family Camp every year at Camp Barakel. If you've never been, it's such a great time for a family. Fun activities, chapel time and FUN!
We still camp in the RV park. Big kids in the tent with my brother, and babies and us in the camper with my parents. It works out really good.
Dr. John Barnett was the speaker this year. Probably my favorite speaker at Barakel. He goes waayyy back with Camp and since we do too, we've had the opportunity to be there with him several times. He digs deep into God's word and really challenges. REALLY challenges. I feel full after his speaking. We looked at the Lord's Prayer in a way that challenged me like it never has before. I encourage you to go to and listen to his pod casts from the weekend.
The FUN highlight for me, and little James, was the zip line! Highest and longest I've ever seen. What a rush! It was way better than any roller coaster I've been on. Once L. James and I got off that first step it was smooth sailing. We even went again. We fished (I didn't, but the guys did). They caught lots of blue gill and few bass.
A great weekend was had. Can't wait to go again next year. Next year we're heading up for Labor Day weekend. Want to join us?

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