Sunday, June 09, 2013

Things They Remember

James IV recently won the "Coach's Award" for his Middle School track team.  What is that?  It's an award for being respectful, helpful, doing his best, achieving his goals and being kind to his team mates.  It's an award that makes parents tear up with pride.  I know his Daddy let some tear pool up in his eyes as he saw James show it to him with immense pride.  His Dad looked at him and said  "this is something I want you to remember, awards for being like Christ".  Then I teared up.

That award started a conversation in the van on the way home that somewhat broke my heart.  We were talking about things that we remember from our young life.  Things that were said or awards we won.  One of the older kids broke my heart with this.  "I remember when I stood up for what I thought was right and told an adult that all the swearing was bothering me and they said I was too sensitive to get over it - I've never thought the same about that person".  Woah.   That was significant to them.  Oh how our words can change a person.  I felt a bit heartbroken that some of their sweet innocence was  lost.  That innocence that tells them if they tell an adult in a respectful way that something wrong bothers them they will be admired.
It was a moment that made me stop and think about my own words.  How they will be remembered?  I need to pray over my words each morning.
Oh the things they remember....may they be sweet and grow them closer to God.

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amber said...

So sweet! And good reminder. :)