Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I never had a sister.  I have one brother.  I'm not sad that I never had a sister.  I love my brother and love the family God gave me.  Yet....I LOVE that these girls are sisters.  Something extremely sweet and, this word sounds weird, but secret about sisters.  Secret because they are so much the same, yet so different.  They can look at each other even with the huge age difference (10 yrs) and giggle at each other with an unknown between them secret.
Big sister teaches little sister so much about things.  How to feel pretty, how to bug big brothers, how to obey parents, how to give really good hugs...they are teachers unaware.
Little sisters teach too.  They teach how to be silly, how to be courageous and try new things, how to be sweet and tender, how to love big brothers.  She too is a teacher unaware.
I love them.  I love that they are sisters.  I love that they learn from each other how to enjoy life, to enjoy God, to enjoy the life God gave them together.

Sisters are special.

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