Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Expectations

I was writing my post about my anniversary and this quote popped into my head and hasn't left.  Then I came across it on Pinterest today.   Pinterest = time waster!  More on that another time.

I was thinking about this as I went down my prayer list and was struck with how this is probably my biggest weakness.  I expect people to treat me in a kind way, a way that is respectful, patient, considerate and the list could go on.   That what I expect.  I dare say, you expect the same too.  That's just how we are made.  We expect people to treat us the way we think we are treating others.
YET, are we waiting for them to make the phone call?  For them to invite us over?  For them to pass on clothes for our kids to us?  For them to smile and say a kind word first?  For them to be the nice one first?  For them to say sorry first?
We have a lot of expectations.
I am working on this and have been for a good year and then some. Not exactly this phrase I shared, but the Fruit of the Spirit and treating people well with no expectations in return.  It's strange.  The more I release the expectations, the happier I am.  The more I see God for my happiness!  He fills all those expectations.  It's also strange how people who don't live in this light of God as their fulfill-er question your motives more, criticize you and assume you are being "too nice" or snarky.  I guess that's to be expected right?  God is good though.  He shows me every day that I fail at this on my own.  I need Him.  This is not easy.

Pray for me as I try to be what I expect of others.  To be Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentle, Self-Controled, Kind and Faithful.  

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