Friday, July 12, 2013

Pinterest - My Thoughts....and Then Some.

Pinterest.  It's a newer thing on line.  If you have never checked it out, I warn's an addicting site.  Tread lightly.  I'll try to explain it.  Remember back in the day when you would cut out all sorts of recipes and home decorating ideas?  When you would write down quotes you found inspirational so you could read them over and over?  Well, this is your electronic notebook.  A way to keep it all on your phone or laptop and one easy click saves it to your page.  Easy and handy.

I see good things about Pinterest, things I enjoy.  New recipes,  ideas for entertaining my kids, educational ideas, weight loss tools and so much more.  I actually enjoy it and do use a lot of the ideas I find on it.  I have found some of our family's favorite meals on it.

Then there is the downside.  I find myself comparing.   Looking at peoples amazing kid parties and thinking my kids cannot possibly be happy with cupcakes and friends playing at our house.  I see homes decorated to the hilt and wish mine were too.  Of course no one mentions that those home cost millions, that I don't have.    There are skinny bodies doing exercise that make them instantly thin and I long for that type of body.  WIth comparison comes jealousy and dissatisfaction with the way God made us, the jobs God provided for us, the homes God gave us.  It takes our focus off God.

Then there are the quotes.  UGH!  I love some, but HATE others.  You can find a quote to support any feeling you may want supported.  Anything.  Want to never apologize for hurting someone?  Want to remind everyone that your bad choices could not possibly be your fault?  Want to be completely selfish and let everyone know?  These few quotes were taken off the "most popular" section of Pinterest.  hundreds have repinned them.  Why?  It gives them the illusion that they don't have to be accountable for their actions.  It's not about anyone but themselves. Life is about being happy and nothing about being Holy.   God's Word is completely left out.  When we say "yes!" to quotes like these we forgot that God has taken us through trials, or we have disobeyed God and have consequences to our actions.  We take the focus off God.

I am learning to be careful.  Careful with what I read.  What I agree with.  What my mind does when I look at Pinterest.  

Do I use Pinterest?  Yes.  Everyday.  I enjoy it.  It's the perfect thing to do when my husband says "sit by me" and he is watching sports or local government, zzzzz.  It DOES have great recipes and some of the quotes even support the Word of God.  Just be careful my friends.  It can lead you astray.  Make you think that what you are is insufficient to be used for God, or that our choices are left without consequence.  

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