Friday, July 26, 2013


Refreshing.  That is the word I would use for the last 4 days.  James had a conference to attend in Grand Haven so I tagged along.  OK, I didn't tag, he asked me to go.
The big kids were to be at Barakel this week and my parents happily took the little kids for the week.  So I went.
He had morning meetings all days, and one afternoon of meetings.  In the evening there was dinner with all the other City/Township managers in Michigan and their wives.  That sounds boring, but it was so nice.
I got to have a perfect mix of alone time and time with my husband.
We like to hang out together.  We enjoyed walking the pier, listening to street musicians, having coffee by the lake on a cool night...things alone.We played tourist and went sight seeing.  Walking hand in hand with my man and hearing him say over and over "I love being with you".   Refreshing.  Not that he doesn't ever say those things, but when a child interrupts it loses it's sweet tenderness  He is my best friend and I know I am his.  Refreshing.
 It was also really nice to hang out together with other adults that understand your life.  To be appreciated for your service to your community and treated well for a few days.  My man works hard and although I can tell him I respect him and am grateful for all his work, hearing "good job" and "I respect what you're doing" from your peers makes him proud of himself and walk with a little more pride in his step.  I saw it and it was refreshing.
This week was refreshing.  Truly.  I thank God for each hour we've had.

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