Saturday, September 07, 2013

School Has Started

School has started!
James is 14 1/2 and is in high school, 9th grade.
Hannah is 13 and is in middle school, 8th grade.
Evan is 5 and is just starting school, Kindergarten.

They were all very excited for school to start, all for different reasons.
 James likes the new classes and was glad to get to them.  He has a construction class and a woodworking class and was eager to check those out and try something new and learn some new skills. He was not anxious about high school in a nervous way, just excited to begin.
 Hannah was excited to see her friends!  She loves the social aspect of school.  Good thing she is a good student or this might be a problem. :)  She also has French class this year and has looked forward to taking this class for a long time.
Evan was just plain excited!  He gets to ride a bus, meet new kids and start learning in a formal environment.  He got to check out his class ahead of time and meet his teacher.  She is experienced and a lot of fun!  He has like his whole first week and has look forward to going each day.

Noel is still hanging out with Mommy this year.  We are working on numbers past 15 and letters by sight.

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