Friday, July 19, 2013


Summer days are here!  It's hot.  Steamy hot.  The hot we forget happens.    I love it!  Of course we have the blessing of AC and my parents have a pool.  So....summer days are here!  
Now that we are done with vacations, mostly, we are just enjoying playing, sleeping in, watching movies into the night.....I seriously love summer.  I am a mom that enjoys the kids being underfoot for weeks on end.  I dread the lunch boxes and folders coming back in the store because it just reminds me that summer will end and school will start.  Boo.  
So far, as of today, my best moments of summer are spent with family.  Colorado with my husband and kids to see my dear Aunt, Uncle and some of my favorite cousins then we got to come home and celebrate my mom's birthday and see my grandma.  I'm now looking forward to more time in August with the Luter side of the family.  
I love summer.  I love family.  

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