Friday, July 12, 2013

Kids are Just FUNNY!

Me:  What do you want for breakfast Noel?
Noel:  How about Cheetos?
Me:  No, not for breakfast.  Pick something else.
Noel:  How about Cotton Candy?

Evan;  I want to eat at China Beautiful
Me:  What is that?
Evan:  RIGHT THERE (pointing)
sign says- Chinese Buffet

Evan on vacation.............
E:  Would you rather...........Eat a tree made of cheese or a house made of butter?
                                           Stick a stick of cheese in your eye or a stick of butter?
                                          Have a house made of cheese or butter?
Apparently he likes cheese and butter

Evan reading a sign at a park - "Lifeguard on Duty"  - mommy that says Duty!  Ha ha ha ha  - such a boy

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