Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My life....it's what I dream of for my kids.

Disclaimer - these are rather scattered thoughts.  I have a 3 yr old.  Need I say more?

I was asked my testimony just recently.  My testimony would be how I knew I needed Jesus as my savior and what he saved me from.
I knew at 5 that I sinned and I was not good enough to go to heaven on my own.  I knew that I needed Jesus.  Jesus came died and took my sins, then rose again just for me.  It said so in God's Word.  I believe that.  I was a newborn baby Christian at that moment.

Since then my life has been, well, rather uneventful on the grand scale of things.  By uneventful I don't mean I have not had great and grand adventures.  I have traveled the world!  Had an amazing childhood filled with fun, family and good things.  I enjoyed school, had great friends and then went to college.  I didn't get married young, but I married and have 4 kids.  I have had and do have a great life.

That is the kind of life I want for my kids.  It's a good life filled with knowing God and knowing his love.  And there is NOTHING wrong with that life.

Sometimes I feel like if we have a "boring" salvation story it's of no interest to anyone else. No great "salvation" came to us.
Actually that's not true.  We were saved with the same grace, forgiveness and mercy that the 60 year old that lived a horrible life is saved with.  We were just spared a hard life.

As a parent, I am raising my kids the same way I was raised.  Teaching them one moment at a time how awesome loving God can be.   I want them to be spared the hardships.  I want them to grow more and more in love with God each passing year and then raise their children to love God.

I will not say my life was perfect or I never had times where I was not close to the Lord....but it was pretty great and I never have walked away from the Lord.  Thank you LORD for holding me close.

I want my kids to have a story to tell when they are older that they fell in love with Christ as a young child and only got to know Him better as they got older.  I want them to say that they are SO BLESSED to have been protected from a hard life or a life knowing and remembering separation from the love of God.

I co-lead a mom's group at my church and I see all these little people being raised by God loving mama's and I want to stand there and say " I made it!  I was your kid.  I was raised in a Christian home, going to church, loved deeply by my parents....and I made it.  I still love God and my life is good."  I think we all need to hear a testimony that is boring every now and then to remember that if we really think about it, it's what we want for our kids too.

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Anonymous said...

No testimony is boring. While there are those big, "Larger than Life" stories, there is such a peace and a reassurance in the calm ones too... And I'm with you, this is the sort of story I would want for my children!