Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Things I Am Learning

I enjoy learning.  I like history and interesting trivia.  There are things that I am learning though that aren't in a book.  They are things I am learning by living.  Sometimes I learn the hard way, and sometimes I learn them quietly.  This may be several posts.  I have learned a lot.

I am learning to be the wife of a leader.  Following my husband at home seems to be something that has come easy.  I want him to be the spiritual leader and I like when he makes the decisions.  That's not what this post is about though.
My husband is a leader other places too.  He is a community leader and has church responsibilities too.  (he's not a teacher or an elder, but still leads in his jobs he does there)
I am learning how to be his wife with those jobs.

I learn to watch what I say about him.  Even light hearted jokes or quips about our life to others may embarrass him or lead others to think he is foolish.  I have to make certain of my audience before talking.
I have learned to just listen.  When he talks about work or otherwise, it's not  for me to fix, criticize or give advice to him.  Especially it is important that I keep his confidence in me.  I want him to know he can trust me and know that what he tells me won't go any where.
I have learned to choose topics that I talk to about with my girlfriends or on facebook reflect on him in a positive way.  Do I talk about things that may belittle others?  Do I talk about how much or how little money we have?  Do I come off as critical?
All these things not only make me look bad....but make my husband look bad.   Can he be trusted with our money if at home they spend it unwisely?  Why does he need a raise if they are already eating steak for dinner?  If she is critical and harsh, he must not be a good communicator to let her be like that.  He must not be good at managing people.
I know that theses may seem petty and ridiculous, but's the truth.  People are going to think about. and question their leaders.  We all really should.  I don't want the way I act to be any reason people question my husband's ability.
So, I am learning.  I am learning the right way to be his wife.
Pray for me in this ok?

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