Monday, August 04, 2014

The Eye of the Beholder

I looked like this this morning.  As I came out of my room in my workout clothes, no make up, sweaty, Noel gasped and said "Oh Mommy!!  you look so beautiful!  Evan isn't Mommy pretty?"
Huh?  I had to go back in my room and look in the mirror. I said to myself.  She's so wrong.

Then I did my devotions.

God made me.  Me.  Just like this.  I put make up on.  I do my hair.   She sees the beauty in what God made without all the stuff I do to it.  She doesn't care I have fine hair, a mommy tummy,  bumpy skin or blonde eye lashes no one can see without mascara.  She just loves what God made.

I have got to quit putting myself down and not taking her compliments well.  Is she going to love herself just the way God made her?  I want her too.  I want her to love her fine silky hair.  I want her to see her eyes and skin are perfect and not feel like she has to put make up on.
I want her to love what God made.
I need to start showing her that and instead of telling her "you're so funny Noel" when she compliments me, just say thank you and maybe just maybe take a few days off from make up and hair doing.

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